News | Blockchain Advisory Workshop and the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit


Jonathan Galea

Phew – what a week! Now that the glitters are settling and the hangovers are being nursed, it’s time to reflect the past few days at the Malta Blockchain & AI Summit. Blockchain Advisory (BCA) enjoyed an even stronger presence at this year’s Summit, which arrived hot on the heels of the first VFA Agent licenses being granted. This year, BCA hosted its first ever workshop titled “Driving Legislation in Technology”, which boasted a star-studded line-up of speakers from Cardano, Waves, Blockpass, Polymath/tZERO, AmaZix, MDIA, and others, with the guest of honour being none other than the Prime Minister himself, Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat, who headlined a keynote session describing Malta’s progress and dedication towards the DLT industry.

A.I. & Blockchain Regulation conference was opened by our very own Beverly Tonna. She moderated the panel discussing the European perspective on the technological, ethical and socio-economic implications of A.I. development. My keynote during the Summit served as an update on what has happened on the Blockchain Island in the past six months. In short – we have not been idle. As a jurisdiction, we have built on the foundations cast last November, working towards implementing the details supplementing the regulatory framework, and ensuring that we now have the required tools to service the industry. As a company, I am confident that we now have one of the best teams on the island, focusing not only on the regulatory matters, but also on the technical and economical aspects of this ever-evolving industry.

Although keeping up with the blazingly-fast pace of this industry is tough, we have done our utmost to do so, and we are confident that we have what it takes to become a thriving, all-rounding node in the greatest network-structuring of our lifetimes.

With that being said, we look forward towards seeing you in future conferences, strengthening our business relationship, and together, helping build this new exciting future!


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