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Blockchain Advisory announces a partnership with CoinPost

Jonathan Galea 29 Apr 2019

Blockchain Advisory announces a partnership with CoinPost Japan

Blockchain Advisory has announced a partnership agreement with CoinPost. By forming the media partnership, we will deepen our relationship with CoinPost as a blockchain news authority in Japan.

We aim to quickly provide Asian and European clients with accurate information on blockchain news around the world.

The partnership will allow CoinPost and Blockchain Advisory parties to work together to provide the needed news information, and, if necessary, to help both clients communicate with each other in their respective countries. It is a strategic partnership that also uses knowledge from both sides and also looks forward to supporting future content development and conference planning.

About CoinPost Japan

“Japanese readers are often oblivious about news and information regarding Cryptocurrency. To solve this situation and bring the latest news to Crypto-enthusiasts in the world’s Third biggest economy, we started CoinPost, Japanese Cryptocurrency & Blockchain media website in July of 2017.

We strive to bring information not only to Japan, but also resolve to be a global media platform that sends the latest news about Cryptocurrency to the world. In 2018, CoinPost ranked No.1 website on SNS most retweeted articles that mentioned the keyword “Cryptocurrency” on the title. As Japan most viewers crypto media, we have covered huge conferences and interviewed big names in fintech and crypto industry, we have 70k+ followers on Twitter. We also started a sister site CoinPost.HK in October 2018.”

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